A photo a day for the month of January - 2012
THE JANUARY PROJECT - January 31, 2012
31st January 2012
Day 31: THE END!! This has been a very inspiring project for me, and one I will attempt to do each year. While I have been extremely busy with work, school holidays, birthday parties and general Mummy taxi duties, I have scheduled time to always get my camera out. Some images are well planned others just caught on the fly, but it has kept me motivated and made me think creatively, and I have had an absolute ball. I hope you have enjoyed it too xxx

THE JANUARY PROJECT - January 30, 2012
30th January 2012
Day 30: With the kids all playing on the front lawn, excited about returning to school, I caught this quick glimpse of Coop as he ran by. My kids are so used to me taking pictures that even a quick stop can now garner a pose ;)

THE JANUARY PROJECT - January 29, 2012
29th January 2012
Day 29: Unable to bear another day indoors, we went off to Bondi Markets in search of some warmer weather and bargain buys. It was all a but much for Jaz, who decided a little bit of R&R was more his style xxx

THE JANUARY PROJECT - January 28, 2012
28th January 2012
Day 28: Our science experiment was a success! Coop made bouncy balls that when all stacked on a stick and bounced on the ground,hit the roof and shoot off in a variety of directions. This has kept the boys occupied for most of the morning, bliss!

THE JANUARY PROJECT - January 27, 2012
27th January 2012
Day 27: The weather has not been kind this summer, and much of the past week of school holidays have been spent inside. We cracked open the another of the science experiments that Cooper received for his birthday (thanks Ali and Danii !) and my own little Einstein had a ball xxx

THE JANUARY PROJECT - January 26, 2012
26th January 2012
Day 26: HAPPY AUSTRALIA DAY!! A bit of a gloomy weather day today, with scattered showers and not much sun, but we braved the beach and the kids had a ball. I hope you all had a great day celebrating this brilliant country we are all blessed to live in xxx

THE JANUARY PROJECT - January 25, 2012
25th January 2012
Day 25: What happens when your older brother nicks your scooter, such a charmer ;)

THE JANUARY PROJECT - January 24, 2012
24th January 2012
Day 24: A rare moment, when you catch your kids in one spot for one second, bliss xxx

THE JANUARY PROJECT - January 23, 2012
23rd January 2012
Day 23: School Holidays are a killer for this project! Between sleepovers, playdates, birthday parties, museum visits, theatre shows and science experiments, trying to get time to load images to the site has been near impossible! While I have had my camera in my hand taking pics everyday, wet weather and the kids being inside all day have limited my computer time :)

This pic is of my boys about to race their bikes in the cul-de-sac near our house. When I was a little girl I lived in a cul-de-sac and all the kids were the same age and we played from sun up to sun down. We are lucky enough to live in a street much the same as I did as a child, brilliant neighbours, lots of friends for the kids to play with, and little side streets like this one, where the kids can go nuts doing what boys do best xxx

THE JANUARY PROJECT - January 22, 2012
22nd January 2012
Day 22: I really am such a girly girl at heart. I love perfume, fashion and have an unhealthy obsession for shoes. I love sparkly, feathery or OTT glam! This may explain why I have the big jewellry box, and yet still have 2 additional earring cases filled. My wardrobe is filled 8 stacks high with boxes of shoes that all have their photograph on the front.
Still, to qoute Coco Chanel: "A girl must be two things, Classy & Fabulous!" xxx

THE JANUARY PROJECT - January 21, 2012
21st January 2012
Day 21: Happy Birthday Coop!! We had so much fun celebrating Cooper's 7th birthday today at the local pools. Although the weather threatened to dampen the day, a good shelter and fun loving kids made for an awesome day! Coop was lucky enough to get some fabulous presents, and as a kid who loves his action figures and star wars, he was very well looked after ;) When he announced he was off to bed, he crashed out within 10 minutes and this is how I found him. How gorgeous to be 7 xxx

THE JANUARY PROJECT - January 20, 2012
20th January 2012
Day 20: This is definately not a technically beautiful image, but one I had to share all the same. Jaz attended his first football clinic (yes, we had to lie and say he was 5 so he could attend with his brother, lol). You had so much fun and tried so hard, you even beat another little boy and scored a try. I loved watching you run, with total abandon, giving me 'thumbs up' as you ran by to score. Well done xxx

THE JANUARY PROJECT - January 19, 2012
19th January 2012
Day 19: Before anything I have to wish my baby brother Ryan a happy birthday!! The boys decided on a late afternoon sword fight at the park, and no sword fight is complete without your capes (even is one happens to be batman). I love the imagination my boys have, they are creative, imaginative and soooo much fun xxx

THE JANUARY PROJECT - January 18, 2012
18th January 2012
Day 18: On such a hot day there is nothing better than running under the sprinkler! Jaz had a ball running and sliding, even getting his hammer and banging the popups. A great way to cool off xxx

THE JANUARY PROJECT - January 17, 2012
17th January 2012
Day 17: At 4 years old, Jaz is already obsessed with music. He is happy to go to bed at 7pm so that he can listen to his ipod for 30 min before he has to go to bed. Wonder where he gets that from?? xxx

THE JANUARY PROJECT - January 16, 2012
16th January 2012
Day 16: This image was hard fought today. We found a great alley, lots of graffiti and edge, and all the boys wanted to do was run, climb walls and push each other in a near by shopping trolley. This was the best we could get! Boys will be boys I guess, lol xxx

THE JANUARY PROJECT - January 15, 2012
15th January 2012
Day 15: No play outside

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THE JANUARY PROJECT - January 12, 2012
12th January 2012
Day 12: Another night in the City

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